When you say jump, we say how high! We can customize the portal for your business need. Any change can be done in as fast as one day... We have top Real Estate Companies, Associations and Boards. Our VP of Sales is licensed broker in California, Give us a call and see how easy it is to work with us.

Bahabroker is multi office ready. You can look at the profit of each individual office, analyze as deep as you want. Profit by each agent, expenses and compare expenses to previous years

Manage agents through a simplified back office to add new agents, check the listing in agent list category for full detail of the agent and also check license expiry of the agent. Get preview of a well managed agent performance report including all details, ranking and commissions earned.

Most efficient for keeping a record of changed versions made and adjusted by different users. It stores and manages documents to reduce paper. You can retain documents as long as you want.

Create templates with the skill to populate due dates based on your transaction.

Set commission levels, adjust changes that are required, and automated commission payments and reports. Split commissions in any combination with multiple agents.

Enable efficient communication between your staff and agents by providing them with a centralized office solution. The back and forth and loss of communication will no longer affect closing transactions.

Automating report demands,agent due date updates,and knowing the status to every task in a split second.

Create invoices opportunities in a single click. Accounts payable, Receivables, Bill Agents automatically. Multiple Reports and integration to QuickBooks, a real estate transaction management platform with the accounting.