About Us

BahaBroker believes in sustainability and this brings in the difference. The back office management features that we provide are at par of what others have to offer. We have our head office in California and operate for our international clients. We offer you fully customizable back office system to deal with all new, ongoing real estate transactions with full involvement of agents recruited by the real estate offices that operate with us.

What we do?

We take care of the management of all pre-requisites that play their part in the smooth flow of real estate transactions with less paperwork and more of accuracy of all documents and reports. The documents that are asked for are properly checked and approved by the compliance department before any deal is negotiated between clients and property agents. This therefore ensures fair deals taking place at all times.

We at BahaBroker save money on your E&O insurance. We keep track of all commissions that are given to agents when a detail culminates and the final sale is done. Our centralized solutions take effect from the moment you login with us and start adding office and agents into your personalized admin section. We oversee all your exchanges, costs incurred, transactions done or pending, commissions given and the documents submitted I the most mechanized and effective manner so as to generated profitable results.

Please feel free to call us (909) 634-3900 at any time to know more about our services and management features and facilities for better back office management of your real estate business.