Activity Checklist

Once the totals of documents have been transferred, download a copy of your transaction data anytime. As a bonus, its guaranteed that regardless of what your staff transfers to the framework it stays there, for as long as you need. Store any archives, forms, pictures, sound documents or voice Messages.

✔  Store emails (send them to agent transactions).

✔  Setup a checklist layout for any transaction type.

✔  Create modern layouts with capacity to populate due dates based on account acknowledgment, listings, closings and escrow developments.

✔  Keep a check on all transaction listing including the new transaction added.

✔  A check can be done on the documents uploaded for the transaction and whether the documents are complete.

✔  A check on the need to add any other important file which is essential for the property deal to materialize properly.

✔  Add new checklist with due date of the document to added for the property transaction to take place. All this can be done through the admin section at