Agent Management

Manage agents through a simplified back office to add new agents, check the listing in agent list category for full detail of the agent and also check license expiry of the agent. Get preview of a well managed agent performance report including all details, ranking and commissions earned.

✔ Add agents and the office name for which the agents are going to be hired and work in future.

✔ A full agent profile is created and saved for later view.

✔ Check for agents details after adding agents through ‘Add-Agent’ option of the back office system.

✔ The agent expense gives you details of the expenses incurred by the agents and how have they paid for the expenses and also details of pending payments.

✔ The agent list will have all details of the agents including the office name where the agents are hired and the date of hiring.

✔ The agent gross income earned can be viewed here. All information can be updated periodically.

✔ Search for agents and view their history of the commission earned and also the rank of the agents.

✔ The agent prior commission report has all information of the earlier commissions earned by each agent.

✔ The agent expense report can also be generated and previewed through this back office feature.