Commission Tracking

We let you track commission in the most justifiable and fair manner. BahaBroker software offers a consistent QuickBooks integration for the automatic transfer of your business’ most integral financial information.

✔ Set up unlimited commission plans for all your agents.

✔ List different charges and fees, so you can monitor every conceivable expense.

✔ Track sliding scales (otherwise known as tier based) commission plans.

✔ Add inside and outside referrals.

✔ Modify commissions on the fly, after you have assigned them to a transaction.

✔ Generate payment forms to assist installment processing

✔ Send payment forms directly to your escrow company.

✔ The transaction production report shows the commission added for the respective broker.

✔ The agent performance report also enlists the commissions earned by each agent.

✔ Properly tracked commissions can also ascertain the rank added for each agent.

The commission tracking process at BahaBroker will never let you go wrong in properly calculating commissions and keeping track of all other pre-requisites before sending commissions to the brokers.