Fully Customizable

To customize is to adapt according to individual or personal specifications. Our portal at BahaBroker is customized based on business needs of an organization. There are top Real Estate Companies, Associations and Boards for whom we customize and make necessary changes to meet custom needs

✔ Customized solutions are available to set up and upload own documents or use the pre-defined ones through the admin section of the back office.

✔ Add property information based on its type and add commercial value of the same.

✔ There are options on how you want to view the office expense sheet on whether to view one-time expenses or expenditure incurred for the entire month.

✔ The user here can add more expenses incurred for the month or for one time only.

✔ There is full flexibility to add and edit information under all fields present in the back-office system.

✔ The user has the freedom to add multiple offices and manage all at one place without any hassles.

✔ Multiple transactions of different office can be managed through the in-built custom features at BahaBroker.

✔ The customization also brings in all measures to track expenses, commissions of agent and all real estate transactions done. Based on the tracking information subsequent reports are generated and can be viewed through the back office admin section.

✔ The custom features also have provisions to keep record of agent prior commissions and prepare a report of the same.

✔ The customization enables the user to add Lender list and also prepare office balance report and manager report.

✔ Custom options also let the user set tasks based on criteria selected from the drop down menu and prepare the task list accordingly.