Multi Office

Multi-office is the place to analyze profits by each office that is working with BahaBroker and using its back office system to management transactions and deals. You can manage and look for all details of offices added to the back office management system at BahaBroker.

✔  Add new office or check for existing offices in the list provided. .

✔  Look for different agents working for different offices including their hire dates and e-mail ID.

✔  The multi-office feature also calculates expenses incurred by multiple office added to the list of operative office for real estate business management.

✔  We have joined hands with leading real estate agents and offices to use our facilities and better manage their transactions, agents and real estate property deals

✔  The multi-office feature takes note of office receivable of each offices and prepares a list of all the office and their receivable for a set year. Users can do a year wise search of all the office receivables.